Pets and Porcupine Safety

porcupinePorcupines and pets just don’t mix. If you and your pet like to go in the woods and take walks, please make sure that you are aware of the surrounding wildlife. Your pet coming into contact with a porcupine can be dangerous. Especially baby porcupines as their quills are very small. If your pet encounters a porcupine, resulting in injury please bring them to us at Sugar River Animal Hospital immediately. You may have an instinct to want to pull the quills out yourself as the look of it is quite shocking and scary. We suggest waiting for a professional to examine your pet and pull out the quills in a medically sanitary environment using the proper techniques. Ripping out quills incorrectly can sometimes result in infections and cause your pet to be in even more pain.

Please be sure that your pet is safe while they’re in the woods this season, and keep an eye out for them sniffing in the brush or wooded areas as they can be assaulted with quills unexpectedly. We want you and your pet to enjoy hiking or walking in the woods without any injuries caused by pesky porcupines.

If you have any questions, please call Sugar River Animal Hospital at 603-865-5532.

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